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Learn with the experts

We are the leading european specialists in Garden Design, Landscaping, Gardening and Horticulture training. You need look no further for the widest range of courses of the highest quality.


The Academy provides more than 90 courses suitable for amateur gardeners, students up to degree level and professionals in active work. Many mature students train with us at the start of a new career. You are sure to find the perfect course to suit your needs.


All our home study programs are supported by experts, guiding your studies, correcting your written assignments and filling-in gaps in your knowedge. Help is just a mouse-click away.


Students from all over the world are currently studying with the Garden Design Academy. Why not join us?


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Distance learning

Looking for a convenient and flexible way to reach your educational goals? Distance learning could be just what you need. Whether it’s one unit or an entire diploma program, distance learning lets you choose when, where and how you get your education.


Distance learning - the benefits

  • Anytime, anywhere learning: Overcome job, time, and geographic location obstacles by studying at home and at your own pace..
  • Independence and flexibility: Learners find that our courses suit them better than face-to-face classes.
  • Dedicated, experienced instructors: All our courses are written and supported by industry experts. Further guidence is just a mouse-click away.
  • A proven solution: GDA is partnered with the ACS Learning Network, a world leader in online and distance learning.


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Residential courses

The Acdemy offers a popular range of residential courses and educational tours from our campus in central France.

Off the peg or tailor made tours

Tours for students of garden design and viticulture, for both education and pleasure.

Learn from the work of great gardeners of the past and present or see first-hand how grapes are cultivated in the Loire Valley.

Residential learning

Some training is best undertaken face to face with yout tutor. The Academy provides a number of residential courses in garden design subjects suitable for both professionals and amateurs.


With a classroom next to the swimming pool, learning has never been more fun!


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Offer of the Month

Christmas gift packages

Every month one or more of our courses will be offered at a very special discount.

This month we are pleased to offer a discount of 10% off any of our courses, residential or CD based, when given as a Christmas present.


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