certificate in garden design

This distance learning programme is one of our most popular and provides effective training for those working or wishing to work, or enhance thier careers, in the landscape industry.

This well-established course comes in thirty lessons and includes approximately 700 hours of study. Accredited by the International Accreditation & Recognition Council it is ideal for those setting up their own businesses or working at a supervisory level.

While some trainers restrict your options by concentrating solely on drawing and design, we believe that the well educated designer needs to understand all aspects of the landscape process. Our students go on to practice the art of garden creation with authority and confidence. Plant knowledge and understanding of landscape techiques will also be enhanced by following this course.

In many ways this course is the equivalent of conventional full time education at a specialist college. It has the advantage of allowing busy professionals and industry new entrants to study at their own pace and in their own time, after a days work or at the weekends.

We have students from around the world – from the UK, all over Europe and in the United States – working with us on this course at this moment and you can join them.

Working with Colin Elliott, an experienced professional garden designer, this CD-based course provides the information you need to make the jump into a career in garden design.

The 30 lessons are outlined as follows:
1          Introduction to Landscaping
2          Plant Identification and culture
3          History of Gardening
4          Drawing Plans
5          Soils & Nutrition
6          Understanding the Environment
7          Earthworks & Surveying
8          Basic Landscape Construction
9          Surfacings
10         Garden Structures
11         Park Design
12         Home Garden Design
13         Costing & Specifications
14         Trail Design
15         Tools & Machinery
16         Plant Establishment Techniques
17         Ponds & Pools
18         Rockwork & Masonry
19         Lawn Construction Techniques
20         Irrigation Design & Installation
21         Bush Garden Design
22         Cottage Garden Design
23         Playground Design
24         Garden Bed Design
25         Management
26         Land Rehabilitation
27         Drainage
28         Maintenance
29         Dealing with Clients
30         Major Design Project

Each lesson ends with assignments to test your knowledge and reinforce your learning; these are sent to your tutor for marking and comments while additional interactive self-test exercises are undertaken privately.

A bonus, 13-page module on CAD for Garden Designers is provided by the Academy, based on our residential course of the same name.

Course cost: £ 1,200 (single payment)

OR 2 payments of £ 640

OR 4 payments of £345

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