The growing of grape vines is a tradition going back thousands of years. This is a comprehensive course aimed at those hoping to enter the grape growing industry or start a vineyard.

This course will help you develop an ability to select and cultivate appropriate varieties of grapes in different situations, and provide the knowledge to make informed decisions about the management of a vineyard.

Ten lessons cover the history of viticulture, the current state of the industry, wine and table grapes, dried grapes, cultural practices (trellising, soils, planting, pruning, irrigation, pests & diseases); vineyard design, improving quality, harvest & post harvest procedures, winemaking, marketing and much much more.

As with all our courses, study papers are provided on a CD, in total involving approximately 100 hours of work. The course is divided into 10 lessons with an assignment set at the end of each. These are sent to the Academy for marking and are returned to you with comments and suggestions.

You will be working with Colin Elliott, an experienced professional horticulturist who lives in the Touraine wine producing region of the Loire Valley.

Aims of this course :

  • Choose an appropriate site for a vineyard.
  • Simple Soil tests
  • Measuring ph
  • Water content of soil.
  • Choose appropriate grape varieties for different situations.
  • Develop criteria to be considered when selecting which grape varieties to grow.
  • Devise a procedure to establish a vineyard.
  • Specify the techniques used in the culture of grape vines.
  • Specify a procedure for harvest and post-harvest treatment of grapes.
  • Formulate marketing strategies for vineyard products.
  • Explain the basic principles of wine making.          


Course cost: £ 320.00 (single payment)

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