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Courses are held at the Garden Design Academy in central France, where we have a superb log cabin classroom available for students use.

Courses vary in duration and in style and range from intensive professional training to more relaxed, amateur courses and guided visits. We try to adapt each course to match the preferences of students and other clients, but in a mixed group this is not always possible and our planned schedule must prevail.

We generally work with groups of from 2 to 8 students and strive for a friendly, creative and supportive atmosphere.

Most residential courses include some free time and at least one organised garden visit. Visits are included in the price of the course (transport and garden entrance ticket).

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Course and accommodation costs

Prices quoted are for courses only. Courses are organised for a minimum of two persons; if we accept a single student the cost is an exclusive rate of 2 x the standard rate. Accommodation is extra and payable on arrival at the price indicated on the course page if you are staying with us at Les Sequoias. Accommodation prices quoted are generally full-board unless otherwise stated.

Students are welcome to make their own accommodation arrangements if they wish.

Travel to and from the Academy is the responsibility of the student although we may be able to help with journeys to and from local railway stations. Pickups from airports may be available by arrangement and at extra cost.

A deposit of 50% of the course price secures a place on the course (and a room at Les Sequoias). This deposit is non-refundable. The final 50% payment is required 40 days before the course start date.

If for any reason we are obliged to cancel a course all payments will be refunded, but we cannot be held responsible for clients' additional expenses in the event of a cancellation.


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For full details of the accommodation offered to our residential clients, please refer to this web site:

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