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The Garden Design Academy is pleased to suggest a number of web sites which may be useful to you. Please note that we accept no responsibility for the quality or accuracy of these external sites.

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Loire Valley PropertyLoire Valley Property is a specialist estate agent offering houses and building land in the central Loire Valley of France. Experienced English staff make the process simple.
Survive France Network Directory

FacilitutorsFacilitutors – the education destination
packed with fabulous courses and venues in France

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G.D.A. / ACS Student Resource Room
This contains the GDA Online Library of downloads. You will need to register to use this site. Please ask us for a code.


Book shop

This new section of the web site reviews a selection of books suitable for students undertaking courses with the Academy. Read the review: buy the book.

Other Academy links

Gardener in France Colin Elliott's gardening blog.

Chabris Loire Valley Accommadation details for Academy residential courses.

The Garden Design Company Top English garden designers based in central France and working throughout Europe. French garden design site.


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